A private taxi service in
Minsk, Belarus
A club of English-speaking taxi drivers serving travelers
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About the service
My name is Andrei Burdenkov. I am a certified tour guide-driver, based in Minsk, Belarus. I have launched this taxi project to enhance the level of taxi service to foreign visitors travelling around Belarus. My objective is to offer you an English-speaking transportation service that would meet your expectations and budget.
Enjoy authentic Belarusian views!
3 reasons to choose Minsk Tourist Taxi
A self-employed guide-driver, I have a number of competitive advantages that will help you reach the destination in time:
High Flexibility and English command
It is my obsession to provide an accurate and fast reply to a customer's query. I may or may not fit into your assignment, but at daytime you will get a reply within 15 minutes!
A wide range of services
I can fix your Belarus insurance policy or train / theater tickets. I can suggest a shortcut in paperwork, recommend a specific sequence of guided tours or destinations allowing you to use your time efficiently. I can also provide visa support and translation services.
Online card payments accepted
Once we are certain about the date and destination of your ride, I can generate a bill to be paid online by card! Cash is no longer a must!
Сontact me to book a ride
+375 29 3846689
37, 58 Independence Avenue, 220005 Minsk, Belarus
Open hours:
Monday to Sunday, literally round the clock :)
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