Minsk taxi service

Dear guests of Belarus,

Are you looking for a reliable taxi in Minsk? Do you need a transfer from Minsk Airport to Minsk city or any other city in Belarus? Searching for a vehicle for a high-standing delegation or a tour group in Minsk? My name is Sergei Varava, I am a professional driver with my own Volkswagen Caravelle T5 minibus in Minsk (8 seats, 2006, see picture gallery for description).

SPECIAL OFFER: 1-3 seats for Minsk-Grodno transfer, free departure day, please send a request for your date and special price!

Minsk airport transfer. Minsk Airport taxis belong to different services so it is not surprising when they charge you USD 50 for a 40-dollar ride to Minsk or when there is no vehicle at all. National Airport Minsk (Minsk-2 or MSQ) is 45 kilometers away from Minsk center so Minsk airport transfer is the top demanded service from my regular customers. I can meet you with a laminated TAXIMINSK board and wait free of charge if your flight is delayed. The total price for my standard Minsk airport transfer is USD 39 one way (1-3 PAX,1-3 luggage units, Minsk center). If you have landed already - I live 25 minutes away from the airport. =)

Minsk taxi. Do you need to move around Minsk for business meetings and negotiations? An ideal option — a driver with expert knowledge of Minsk geography and a 8-seat air-conditioned minibus. If needed, we can move to any point in Minsk region or Belarus and stay there for a few days. I am self-employed and your schedule is my schedule!

Minsk taxi rates. Minsk taxi rates per 1 kilometer might be very different depending on the company — around 1 US dollar per 1 km (minibus), although sometimes there are hidden charges (booking fee, night tariff, etc.) that are very disappointing. I prefer transparent pricing policy: my minimal in-town tariff per 1 km is $1 and $0.75 outside of town, USD 10 per hour of waiting. I will be able to promptly confirm the exact price for your trip by telephone or email (15-30 minutes at daytime unless on a mission). Please, specify your trip date and time, points of departure and arrival, number of passengers and luggage amount.

My driving experience is 19 years including 11 years in different taxi services. I value punctuality and guarantee timely and quality delivery of my passengers to the specified destination. I love my car and always keep it clean and fully-functional using high-quality spare parts. I understand English pretty well and speak basic English myself. Please note, that to insure fast communications and good understanding of your requests I have a fluent English-speaking coordinator Andrei Burdenkov to organize the events with foreign customers (see the avatar and contacts to the left).

Choosing a reliable Minsk taxi service book directly from a professional transporter! =)


Taxi tariff:
USD 0.9/km (in town); USD 0.75/km (outside of town), USD 9 per hour of waiting
Minsk airport transfer:
USD 35 one way (1-3 PAX), USD 45 (4-6 pax)

* Please note, that I am a self-employed Minsk taxi driver and render all transportation services myself. The prices above are fixed, confirmed upon request for each ride and include transportation (normally Volkswagen Caravelle T5 minibus, or as an exception agreed by the customer — Skoda Superb sedan driven by my colleague), the services of an English-speaking driver (basic English), all related fees and taxes. If you are interested in hiring my Minsk taxi services, feel free to contact my coordinator via mobile or email (replying very fast unless on a mission).

  • License for business activities: No 191218843, issued by Minsk City Executive Committee on 07.12.2009 (valid for five years)
  • License for transportation services: No Ϲ1-48049, issued by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications of Belarus on 28.12.2009 (valid for five years)